Privacy Policy

The use of the services or purchase of products through is based on the assumption that the user claims to have read, understood and accepted the following general conditions in full, being thus binded by them.

María Lasarga is the owner of this website and will only collect information containing personal data of the users who consent to it.

To make use of some of the services provided by the website, the user is required to provide some personal information. For example, this is the case with the purchase of a product.

María Lasarga will handle the personal data provided by the users of this website with the end and in the ways detailed on this Privacy Policy and as a whole, according to the law of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay regarding Personal Data Protection, in particular to Law N° 18 331 and the Decrees N° 664/008 from December 22, 2008; and 414/009, from August 31st, 2009.

María Lasarga will only use the personal data received for the specific purposes that the user submits them for, with the possibility of handling user’s personal data in the other services of this same company or its business partners’, as well as to transfer them to third parties in the terms referred on this Privacy Policy.

The personal data may be stored in the servers the company possesses in Uruguay or in other countries with an adequate level of protection.

Through the link “CONTACT”, the user may request any information to María Lasarga, and in this case, the personal data provided will be stored in a “Users” database and they may be used for:

a) Answering questions, obtaining statistical information or reaching the customer, among others.

b) When the user hires any service provided by María Lasarga, the personal data provided will be used for their invoicing and billing, and they will be added to a “Clients” database with the sole purpose of the client’s and administrative control.

c) For the sharing to the client of information relating to the company’s website, its business partners, as well as companies in its sector, of their respective services, advertisements and/or publicity, even on electronic ways, is in strict compliance to the provisions on the present law regarding Information Social Services, regarding commercial communications. The personal data recorded through this website might be transferred to third parties with the aforementioned purposes.

María Lasarga is not responsible for the handling and free access to personal data that the user may include on his/her reservation sent over third parties, in the understanding that the user must have documented agreement of them, for the purpose of including their personal data in the reservation.

The Privacy Policy is limited to the direct use of the website by the user, and the same results are not guaranteed in case of accessing it through redirection from other websites.

This Privacy Policy describes the current practices of the company with regard to the services it provides.  Therefore, it may be altered if María Lasarga, at will, decides to do so.

María Lasarga has implemented all the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized third parties to have access to the data. This includes physical security measures as well as the access to the data limited only to employees or subcontractors that need to access the data for work reasons, which will be subject to the confidentiality clauses and obligations of professional secrecy, stipulated on section 302 of the Penal Code.

María Lasarga will do everything in her power to protect the personal data that is received by her from the users of this website.

Quality of the data: access, opposition, rectification and cancelation rights

María Lasarga is responsible for the “Clients” and “Users” databases, the company promises to keep in every moment, the personal data that is voluntarily given by the users through this website, updated, in such a way that they correspond truly with the identity and personal features of such users. Therefore, any user may, at any given moment, use their right to have access to, rectify, and in such a case, cancel the personal data given to the company. The user may also, in the same way, make all the suggestions or complaints that they deem necessary.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, please email